Let’s just make one thing clear… Wooly is very different from Row by Row.

WBA (Wooly Block Adventure) is similar to Row by Row because each participating shop creates a pattern and offers it at no cost when you visit the store in October or November.

But after that…. it’s all different!

Over 60 shops in the US and Canada are playing along this fall and they are spread out all over the map. There is pretty much NO WAY anyone could visit them all. And the wool patterns are totally adorable!

So what’s a stitcher to do?

Follow the Spotlight Shops! Every other day, beginning October 1, two shops will be featured on the Row by Row website. For those 2 days, you can download their pattern at no cost! While you are at it, you can visit the stores’ websites and see what other cool things they are offering. Fall is the perfect time to stock up on wooly goodies and supplies. You will get 2 months of wooly shopping fun!

And yes – you can still claim a prize for stitching! Read about the rules and prizes and wooly details here.

While you are cruising around the WBA page, be sure to check out the map! When you click on the store’s map dots, you will get all the info and a pic of their block. Click on the block to see a larger version. You can even use the map for travel directions when you want to visit a few of these shops in person.

Click on any map dot to get more info about each participating WBA shop. Then click on the photo to see the store’s block!

Finally – keep up with all the fun and see which shops are being featured when you join the Wooly Block Neighborhood Facebook page. Do it! We want you in our club! Newbies and experienced stitchers and everyone in-between are welcome.