2017 NQD, Venice, FL

2017 National Quilt Day, Venice Quilt Guild, Venice, FL

As Jeannette writes, National Quilt Day is a global celebration where we share quilting heritage and inspire today’s quilters and those that want to quilt. It all started in June of 1991 where a Resolution was passed and National Quilt Day was started.

Here are some pictures from the NQD I volunteered at in my town sponsored by my local Guild. Thought I’d share some:

Boutique items for sale

Boutique items for sale at National Quilt Day

Kids table

Kids table at National Quilt Day

Community Service Group showing the quitl making process

Community Service Group showing the quilt making process

Make and Take

Make and Take at the kids table

Completed Community Service Quilts

Completed Community Service Quilts