Shadow in the red MG

Shadow in the red convertible MG

I spoke with Chris at Anything Sews in Dover, Ohio.  She has a great story about her wonderful dog Shadow.  Shadow would eat his breakfast then Chris would ask, “Are you ready to go to work”?  With that, Shadow would run into the garage and jump into the convertible – never the other car they owned.  Chris said, “Shadow was the best shop dog ever – everybody loved Shadow”.   Here is the story of Shadow in Chris’ own words:

“In June 2005, we took our youngest son to the Tuscarawas County Dog Pound and Shadow was the only dog not barking.  The staff person brought him to the room we were waiting in and Mitch, our son, was sitting in a chair.  Shadow put his head in Mitch’s lap and looked up at him with his two different-colored eyes and we were hooked.

We were told that Shadow had spent the first 8 months of his life in a cage so when we got him home to our fenced-in yard, it was no surprise that he ran at full speed in happiness.  When I raised my hand to throw a ball, Shadow cower down in fear.  That’s when we knew he had been abused too!  He was only 22.5 pounds and should have weighed 35 to 40 pounds.  He had every parasite a dog could have.

It took months to get him well and increase his weight.  In the nearly 13 years we had Shadow, he never exhibited an aggressive tendency.  Why anyone abused him makes no sense.  He was always a loving companion.

Shadow didn’t like to be left alone so when I retired in 2013, I promised Shadow I would not leave him alone anymore.  When Mike said he wanted to open a fabric shop, Shadow became our ‘shop dog’.  Everyone that met Shadow loved him.  His favorite thing was to go for a ride in our red convertible MG.  When Shadow passed away this past January, we felt it was only right to honor Shadow in our 2017 Row by Row.  Included in our kit are pre-fused photo fabrics of Shadow in the MG and our shop.  We are donating a percentage of the profits from our row to our local humane society.”

Thank you, Chris, for this touching story.  As I’ve said before, I am an animal lover and am so glad Shadow lived his life in a loving home.  To visit Chris’ shop  click here

2017 row honoring Shadow

2017 Row honoring Shadow

Anything Sews, Dover, Ohio

Anything Sews, Dover, Ohio