2 bobbin the robins

Bobbins made by Estelle Frederick and Olivia Wiley of Westminster, MD. Photographed at Danner’s Bernina Shoppe in Hanover, PA.  2015

Have you met Bobbin the Robin yet?

Bobbin the RobinBobbin is the little red bird you see on official Row by Row Experience™ artwork created by designer Debra Gabel.  In late 2014, Debra had the idea to make a 3-D version of Bobbin so folks could take selfies with her as they traveled.  She’s now the official Row by Row Experience™ mascot and pin cushion pal.

bobbin prototypeBobbin the Robin had humble beginnings as you can see here. But she’s come a long way and has lots of fans. You can make her from three easy pattern pieces, some stuffing, and buttons for eyes. Give her legs and dolly shoes. Dress her up in your signature style and have fun giving her a personality. You can find patterns to make her at your local quilt shop. Read more about her development on Debra’s blog here.

NyLa and Lilac the RobinTake Bobbin along as you travel collecting rows.  She’s a lively companion and welcome at Row by Row Experience™ shops everywhere.

Here’s a Bobbin on the shoulder of her mother, NyLa, at the rim of the Grand Canyon on the first day of Row by Row 2015 in Arizona.  Read more about NyLa and her Bobbin “Lilac” here.

Bobbin the Robin has a her own Facebook page and a contest too! Winners will be announced later this fall.  There are some totally adorable Bobbins out there.  Some zany ones too!  You’ll have fun seeing them all.  Visit Bobbin’s Facebook page here.

Did you make a Bobbin this summer?

Write us and tell us your Bobbin story.  Email us here:  hello@rowbyrowstudio.com  bobbin looking left

Stitchin Grannies Robins

Bobbins made by the Stitchin’ Grannies who visited Quilting On The Square in Holton, KS. 2015