Tessa winner in Anchorage

Tessa wins at The Quilt Tree, Anchorage

Tessa made this beautiful quilt and is the ‘winner’ at The Quilt Tree. She has seven rows on the front and one on the back.  Nice job, Tessa!

The 8th row on Tessa's quilt

The 8th row on the back of Tessa’s quilt

While we’re spotlighting Alaska, here are a couple beautiful rows and a different kind of ‘row’.  You’ll see as you scroll down.  Made me smile and I couldn’t resist!

Changing Tides 2017 row

Changing Tides, Juneau, Alaska

2017 row from Bearly Threaded Too, Soldotna

Bearly Threaded Too, Soldotna, Alaska

A row of moose

Not a ‘row’ but a row of moose. Soooo Alaska and so cute!