Today's weather report: Hot and Humid

Today’s weather report: Hot and Humid

Whether from rainy weather, snow, or the summer heat, you may find yourself stuck in the house.  Whatever the reason, here is a list of things that can help with cabin fever:

  1. Read a book (a quilt themed, of course)
  2. Bake cookies (great to snack on while you’re quilting)
  3. Clean and reorganize a closet or two (sorting through stash can be fun)
  4. Try a new hobby (NEVER!)
  5. Watch a show or movie (preferably a quilting or sewing show you recorded)
  6. Invite friends over for coffee (quilters only)
  7. Look through magazines you haven’t found time to read (for a new quilt pattern)
  8. Exercise (rotary cutting can build arm muscles)
  9. Take a nap (to dream about rowing which begins June 21st)
  10. Decorate a plain t-shirt (appliques work great on those nasty stains)
  11. Sew your pet a jacket (dogs love quilted coats)
  12. Call a friend you haven’t talked to in awhile (tell them about your next quilt project)
  13. Sketch or draw (design a quilt pattern, of course)
  14. Take a long bath with bubbles (reading your favorite quilting book)
  15. Just relax and daydream (while you plan a trip to a quilt shop or museum)

I think that’s it.  If you have any good rainy, snowy, or hot weather days ideas to share, let us know.