2016 Wooly Block Aventure winners, Margo and Steve

Wooly Block Adventure winners, Margo and Steve

Margo and Steve row together.  Margo said, “Steve shops with me and is as enthused about Row by Row as I am.”  These Michiganders have been rowing for three years – sewing with both cotton and wool.   Steve goes through the lists of shops, highlights the kits and patterns they like, and away they go.   No hiding stash from Steve.  He encourages his wife to buy more!

The ‘wooly’ was a winner at Village Fabrics and Crafts and Paradise, Michigan.   As you can see in the picture, they used a birch log hanger so it was perfect that they chose to hang it in their cabin in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The first year, Margo said they ‘rowed’ in a camper and visited only stores in the Upper Peninsula.  Her Row by Row cotton quilt (traditional rows) won in a shop in Iron Mountain, Michigan.

Margo likes buying kits as it is a good way to support the shops.  She said, “Row by Row is a wonderful idea as you transition from making your kids clothes to collecting and making quilts.  And because of Row by Row, you go back to the shops.  The rows and nice people bring you back.”  I’m sure the shop owners feel the same about you, Margo and Steve.  Nice people!