Schrader's Fabrics' winner 2015

Rose Rodgers, Butler, PA, and her winning quilt at Schrader’s Fabrics in Johnstown, PA. 2015

Bobbin the Robin



Kissing Bridges?  What?

You know– covered bridges.  But kissing bridges is so much more fun.  So we call them kissing bridges here in the studio and Row by Row Experience™ fans are in love with them!

Actually, kissing bridges is an authentic nickname for covered bridges.  The privacy of the enclosed structure is perfect for a little smooch.  It also provides protection from the weather keeping the supporting timbers dry so they last longer.  The long, horizontal structure of a covered bridge is perfect for a row pattern too!

Covered bridge facts from the National Society for the Preservation of Covered Bridges:

  • First covered bridge was built in Philadelphia in 1805.
  • Oldest US covered bridge still standing:  Hyde Hall Bridge in Glimmerglass State Park near Cooperstown, New York. It was built in 1825.  Ahhh…Glimmerglass.  How rowmantic!
  • State with the most covered bridges:  Pennsylvania, 213.  Ohio is second, 148.
  • County with the most covered bridges:  Parke County, Indiana, 31.
  • Covered bridges can be found in 26 states.
  • The longest covered bridge in the world is the Hartland Bridge in Hartland, New Brunswick, Canada.

Covered bridge facts from Row by Row Experience™:

  • We have a participating quilt shop near just about every covered bridge in the US.
  • Pennsylvania had a record five shops with covered bridge rows in 2015.  Find a list here.

At The Old Country Store in Intercourse, PA, this summer it was a kissing bridge love affair!  A covered bridge row pattern, a shop display with a miniature covered bridge, a class scheduled to make their row, and a stunning book, Bridges of Lancaster County, filled with glorious covered bridge photographs as their bonus prize.

Relive the whole experience here!  Let us know where your favorite kissing bridge is.

The Old Country Store 2015

Store front display at The Old Country Store.  2015

The Old Country Store 2015 Row

The Old Country Store’s row.  2015


Old Country Store Class

Old Country Store staff member and row designer, Ruth Ann (left), teaching Nancy from New Holland, PA, how to arrange the fusible applique on her row.

The Old Country Store Winning Quilt

Carol Connelly, Royersford, PA, and her winning quilt at The Old Country Store, Intercourse, PA.  2015

2015 Row by Row winner

Carol Connelly wins 25 Fat Quarter bundle and bonus prize Bridges of Lancaster County at the Old Country Store, Intercourse, PA.   2015


Bobbin looking left