Row by Row Junior is a summertime youth development program introducing sewing to kids age 6-14.  Row by Row Experience and quilt shops around the world are committed to bringing the love of sewing to the younger generation.

Learning to sew and STEAM education

We introduce kids to the intrinsic benefits of learning how to sew on a sewing machine. They can utilize all the elements of STEAM education — A for art — in a creative and practical way that builds confidence and self esteem at such an important age.

Sewing improves critical thinking and step-by-step process learning. It helps develop perseverance, resourcefulness, and a growth mindset. It encourages the ability to imagine and create a picture in your head, a skill so valuable for better reading comprehension.



RxR Jr. at Sylvia’s Quilt Depot in Wasilla, Alaska

Row by Row Junior began in 2017 and was the largest kids sewing initiative of its kind ever attempted in the sewing industry.

Local quilt shops welcome kids to their shops, June 21 through October 31, by offering Row by Row Junior, the kids’ version of Row by Row Experience for adults which runs at the same time.

Kids visit shops in person, collect free sewing patterns designed just for them to make, and become inspired by the colorful, creative world of sewing right in their own hometown.

Kids can return to the shops with something they made using a Junior pattern and receive an “I Made This” ribbon and certificate to encourage developing their sewing skills.




Piano Keys Backpack project pattern will be available for free download


Newest in the 2018 Junior program is a series of free kids sewing projects that will be available at They are useful and fun ways to use the Junior patterns. Manageable for today’s busy kids. Adults will like making them too!

Fostering intergenerational relationships and learning to sew at home is important to the Row by Row Junior program.

Kids will enjoy the uniquely educational experience of visiting the shops with their parents and grandparents. At home, families can find free tutorial support, journal pages, project patterns, and activities online by visiting


Journal pages and support materials at

This year, six new patterns and project ideas designed around the 2018 theme “Sew Musical” will appeal to kids–boys and girls–and their families.  A snappy new Junior brand too!

Row by Row Jr. patterns are free to kids who visit the shop in person. But if the kids can’t accompany you, shops will usually have Junior kits made up for a nominal cost. Anyone can buy a Junior kit and it will have the pattern in it.

Here are the six 2018 Sew Musical Junior patterns:

Piano Keys

Pop Stars

Singin’ Salmon



Big Music

2018 Row by Row Junior Pattern Preview

Here’s a look at the 2018 Junior rows when they were revealed to shop owners for the first time at Fall Quilt Market in Houston.

2018 Row by Row Junior revealed to quilt shop owners at Fall Quilt Market, Houston

Find all the current Row by Row Jr. resources here. Watch for more to be added as we near the start of 2018’s Row by Row Experience on June 21 and follow us all summer long.

Ask your favorite quilt shop to offer Row by Row Junior this summer.


2018 Row by Row Junior Project Pattern Preview