Last week’s post about Jane and Wayne Morey traveling, (rowing) and sewing together received some fun email responses from other travelers. I thought it would be fun to share them with you!

Quilters Enjoy Beautiful Country While Rowing

Annette from Buena Vista, Colorado shared how Row by Row Experience fit into the 2017 vacation plans for her and her husband:

My husband is not a quilter, but he is very supportive of my habit. In 2016, I bought several rows, but didn’t have time to finish a quilt. In March of 2017, my husband asked me when Row by Row started. We did some research, found a list of shops for Row by Row, and checked out the pictures of the rows. We planned a vacation in July and my husband suggested we take a trip around our home state of Colorado and visit the different shops. Needless to say, I was in total agreement! We started in Colorado Springs, went north to Denver, then west to Craig, south to Durango, east to Alamosa, then home, hitting as many shops as possible. We took 7 days, saw some beautiful country we had not been to before, and hit 32 quilt shops, buying their Row by Row kits and having a great time visiting with the shop employees. Quilt shops have great employees!  At the end of the trip, it was back to work, then sewing in the evenings and weekends. I was able to finish my Row by Row quilt and was the 1st one to bring in a quilt to the Alamosa Quilt Company. What a great experience it was!

Annette’s winning 2017 quilt. Click to read the details on the rows.

Sisters and the Row by Row Meet-up!

Jeanne from Summerville, South Carolina joined her sister for Ann from Bridgeport, Vermont for a 2017 Rowing adventure and shared their story:

On August 1st which is Ann’s birthday my husband and I had just arrived in Vermont on vacation. I brought Ann a birthday present of a row by row kit from People Places and Quilts in Summerville, SC. We decided right then to do a tour of all the participating Row by Row shops in northern Vermont. We spent a lovely day together for her birthday and collected 7 more patterns. We spent the next 2 weeks working on our rows. Ann finished hers and turned it in to her local quilt shop, Middlebury Sew and Vac and won the prize. I brought my rows back home to Summerville, collected 2 more patterns at home, finished my quilt and turned it in to Sew Suite Studios in Summerville to win the prize.  This year we are not able to be together to work on the Row by Row but are both doing it just the same and sharing the experience by telephone. Thank you so much for doing Row by Row Experience. I hope it continues for many more years!

Ann’s winning 2017 quilt in Vermont. Click to read more.

Jeanne’s winning 2017 quilt in South Carolina. Click for the details.

Row by Row Brings Them Together in an Unbelievable Coincidence!

Melanie from Kentucky shares a fun story:

My sister and I went to Sew Ezy in Cincinnati, Ohio to pick up their kit and met a lady from Buffalo, New York. We talked briefly and exchanged email addresses. When my sister and I got back in the car I was telling her about another lady I started talking to on Facebook that also lived in New York. We laughed that maybe it was the same person, but knew that wasn’t probable. When I got home I looked at the email address and it was in fact the same person! I live in Northern Kentucky, she lives in New York and we met in Ohio. Neither one of us talked about going to Ohio prior to our meeting.

Thanks to Annette, Jeanne and Melanie for sending their RxR stories. If you have a fun or interesting story to share, please email We love to read about your adventures!

Plan your Row by Row road trip by using the resources available at Each area has a page with picture lists, downloadable travel lists and a handy Google map of shops. Click here to get started!

Janet Lutz is the owner of Row by Row Experience and Calico Gals quilt shop in Syracuse, New York. She is passionate about creative business, entrepreneurship and making stuff!