Rowers and quilters… just a few more days to claim a prize for your 2018 Row by Row Quilt in a participating quilt shop.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure my own store in Syracuse NY was going to get a winner this year. It was coming right down to the wire when this week, Melody came in with her quilt. Hurray!

Melody travelled around Upstate New York and Massachusetts to collect her rows. Her completed quilt included our row so in addition to 25 fat quarters, she earned a bonus prize of a gift certificate and a zipper tote for using our row. Needless to say, the gift certificate didn’t last too long!

You, too, can win! But you need to act fast because the 2018 Quilt Challenge ends on October 31. Click here for all the details about claiming a prize.

You probably know about the new theme for 2019, right? If not, Click Here for the official announcement.

But the 2018 fun isn’t over yet! On November 1, RxR Showcase begins! It’s the RxR After-Party!

Shop for row patterns, kits and RxR collectibles from the comfort of your computer (or phone… or tablet…). Row by Row Showcase is a separate website ( dedicated to 2018 rows. Watch for it next week and pick up your favorites.

Janet Lutz is the owner of Row by Row Experience and Calico Gals quilt shop in Syracuse, New York. She is passionate about creative business, entrepreneurship and making stuff!