Photo of old sewing machine and bolts of fabric

Photo from Mountain Stitches by Susan

As with most quilters, when you are planning to take a trip to another state, you look for quilt shops in the area.  I’m heading out next month for Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  While searching the Row by Row Experience website for shops in Tennessee, I found Susan’s shop, Mountain Stitches by Susan.  I visited her website and found this story.  I thought it reflected how a lot of quilters get started.  The story is sweet and touching.  It tells how this skill influences us and enables us to touch other people’s lives.  I’m looking forward to my trip to Gatlinburg and meeting Susan at her shop.  I hope you enjoy her story as much as I did.  Thank you, Susan.

Susan’s Story

Sewing has always been an important part of my life. My earliest memories of sewing were at my mother’s side as she sewed with love, the clothes that my siblings and I wore. She taught me to thread a needle and stitch fabric together, but most importantly she taught me the love of seeing a simple piece of fabric transform into something special.

After marrying, while raising my three beautiful children, I took those things I had learned as a child and began to design and create clothes for my children. My wonderful husband served in the military for twenty-four years. It was while being stationed in Germany that I sold my first doll. Upon returning to the United States and while serving at Ft. Riley, Kansas I began selling my handmade dolls, quilts, and clothing at local arts and crafts festivals. When we decided to retire we chose the beautiful Smoky Mountains as our home.


Home Sweet Home by Susan

Sewing and crafts has a deep place in my heart. My grandfather would often be seen quilting at the end of a long day of farming, so I guess my love for fabrics and stitching is in my genes. My ancestors were weavers of cloth when they migrated from Holland to the United States.

I opened my shop in the Great Smoky Mountain Crafts Community in 1994 with handmade dolls and teddy bears. Over the years my love of quilting won out. What a joy to be able to create and sell my products in the beauty that surrounds us. Since being in the Arts and Crafts Community I have met many wonderful people and made many lifelong friends. I hope that in the coming years that I will continue to share my love for sewing with those that come to this wonderful place.

You can come by and visit me at Morning Mist Village at 601 Glades Road, Shop 13, Monday–Friday from 10:00 to 5:00, or you can contact me at 865-436-0077.