In addition to collecting row patterns and kits, many people search for FabricPlates as they travel.

Debra Gabel of Zebra Patterns designed FabricPlates™ as collectibles for quilters. Shops are able to personalize the license-plate-style fabric patches and quilters find all sorts of fun ways to use them in quilts, bags and assorted projects.

To find the shops that carry the newest plates, go to the Row by Row START HERE page ( and choose your area. Each travel area has a link to the plate finder.

Here is how it looks on the Atlantic Canada page:


The Plate Finder is a handy tool allowing you to look for the newest plates where you plan to travel.
Click here to try it out!

Are you looking for ways to use your Fabric Plates? Sue Overy designed several patterns using FabricPlates and even offers one for free! Ask at your local quilt shop for Sue’s patterns and click here for the zipper catch-all pattern and video tutorial.