Coming from Canada to Southwest Florida, you will pass many quilt shops that participate in Row by Row Experience.

Margaret on the road with her RV and sewing machine

Margaret and her Row.d machines

Margaret is from Alberta, Canada.  She and her husband, Jonny, travel across the United States and Canada collecting rows.  Margaret said they are heading out in the next two weeks and are looking forward to collecting 2016 rows.

Another ‘collector,’ Beth, and her husband traveled in an RV visiting quilt shops in 6 states in the Northeast plus New Brunswick, Canada, the summer of 2015.  Beth said, “My husband, too, enjoyed it!  Several of the stores had seating areas for spouses, which was very nice, and we ran into another quilter and her husband at two of the stores on two different days.”

As you travel through the United States and Canada, you can visit many quilt shops that participate in Row by Row Experience.  I met a gal that may have hit almost all of them!  On her way across country, with her husband, she collected 149 2015 patterns.  This couple also travels in an RV.

If you travel the United States, Canada, or Europe collecting Rows, in a recreational vehicle, we would love to hear your story.  Do you bring your sewing machine with you in the RV?  Do you sew while riding?  Of course, you’re not driving and sewing!  How many shops have you or do you plan to visit?  Like I said, we would love to hear your stories so please share them.

Margaret kicking up her heels beside her RV

Margaret is excited to get on the Row.d