RXR license plate wallet

Row by Row license plate wallet or sewing wallet

Margaret is a very good friend who has the nickname Sweet n’ Lo.   This came about because she is very sweet and her last name begins with L-o.   She is also very creative and enjoys Row by Row Experience.  Her latest creation is a wallet using a license plate.  Lucky for us, Janet sent me one awhile ago.  Margaret is the creator of this beautiful Row by Row jacket. Here is the front and back view of that one-of-a-kind quilted jacket.

Front view of Margaret’s Row by Row jacket

Back of RXR jacket

Back of Margaret’s Row by Row jacket

Here is Margaret’s license plate wallet pattern.  Thank you, Sweet n’ Lo.

Supply list:

1 – Row by Row License Plate

2 – 8″ x 4 1/2″ pieces of fusible fleece

1/4 yard medium fusible interfacing

assorted fabric scraps at least 8″ x 7″

1 – 12″ zipper and matching thread

Front and back of wallet:

  1.  Iron on fusible fleece to wrong side of license plate.  Machine quilt around letters or as desired.
  2. Cut wallet back piece 8″ x 4 1/2″ iron-on fusible fleece to wrong side.
  3. Cut outside pocket piece 8″ x 7″.  Cut out a piece of iron-on fusible interfacing same size.  Apply to wrong side of pocket.  Press pocket piece in half lengthwise WRONG sides together.  It now measures 8″ x 3 1/2″.  Edge stitch about 1/8″ along long folded edge.  Pin pocket to ride side of wallet back matching bottom edges and sides.  Folded pocket edge will be about 1″ from top of wallet back.  Stitch sides and bottom of pocket to wallet back using scant 1/2″ seam.
  4. Zipper:  Mark center of sides.  With right side of license plate facing right side of one side of zipper, baste to top half of sides and across top of license plate.  **Make sure to have each end of zipper extend into the seam allowance.  Stitch with machine aiming to stitch on the outer grey line printed on the license plate.  Pin the other side of zipper to the wallet back at top of sides and across top of back.  (make sure the pocket opening of the back of upright.)  Baste then stitch into place.  Open zipper.  With right sides together, pin then sew with a 1/2″ seam, the wallet front to back at the bottom half of the side seams and bottom of the wallet rounding out bottom corners to basically be sewing on the grey outline of the license plate.  Be sure to catch start and end of zipper into the seam allowance.  Trim and clip seam.
  5. Lining:  Cut 2 lining pieces 8″ x 4″.  Cut 2 pocket pieces 8″ x 5 1/2″.  Cut two pieces of interfacing same size as pocket pieces.
  6. Fuse interfacing to the wrong side of pocket pieces.  Fold pocket pieces in half lengthwise WRONG sides together and press.  Edge stitch 1/8″ from the long pressed edges.  Attach one inner pocket to each lining pieces at sides and along bottom, keeping bottom raw edges even.  Sew from bottom edge of lining to top folded edge of inner pocket to divide the long pocket into smaller pockets.  I sewed up the center on one inner pocket and sewed two lines vertically to create more pockets on the second side.
  7. Mark the center of each side edge of lining pieces.   With right sides together, sew lining/inner pocket pieces together along bottom half of sides and along bottom at a scant 1/2″ curving bottom corners.  Trim seam and clip curved corners.  Place lining inside wallet with WRONG SIDES touching.  Fold under the side and top edges of lining about 1/2″.  Pin then hand sew into place.

Thank you, Margaret for all your work and, of course, thank you for wanting to share it with Row by Row Studio readers.

sewing zipper around license plate

sewing zipper around license plate

two sides of lining with pockets

two sides of lining with pockets – side 1 and side 2

1/8" seam around back of wallet

1/8″ seam around back of wallet

insert lining and hand sew around zipper

insert lining and hand sew around zipper