Margaret and Jane on a road trip

Margaret and Jane checking out the new RXR fabric. Love your bag, Margaret!

Spent yesterday sewing with some quilting friends including Margaret and Jane.  There were six quilters in the room and, as usual, the conversations were loud and moved quickly.  At one point, someone mentioned the upcoming Row by Row ‘season’ and asked the group, “What are we going to do?”  We spent a lot of time discussing a shop hop, what direction we would go, who would drive, and other important details.  A suggestion was made that we get together, after we Row around town, and see what we can create with our Row patterns and Row kits.  A girl party in the works!

The meeting took a turn from sewing on baby quilts and tablerunners to planning a road trip, a girl party, and great ideas of what we can make – quilts, aprons, wallhangings, and other good stuff.  I think that’s my favorite part of Row by Row.  Yes, I love my Row quilts and other things I’ve made using Row patterns and kits but the planning with friends, traveling from shop to shop with them, always stopping for lunch or for coffee and a pastry, and then finally getting together to sew and share…  That’s the best!

So are you ready for this year’s Row by Row, On The Go?  Share with us what you have planned, what you hope to create, where you may be going.  Adventures are always more fun when you share them.