skeletan in chair at Wyoming quilt shop

Waiting and waiting at a Wyoming quilt shop


Here we are – almost October. I love going to my local quilt shops and seeing all the latest patterns and holiday-related fabrics.  I get all excited about upcoming family parties and friends getting together, and then I make a list of who I want to make things for.

There are people in my life that don’t like a craft-type gift and wouldn’t appreciate the work involved in making one.  And lucky for me, I’ve got plenty that like handmade (or is it homemade) gifts.  I always include a note card in their present  that says ‘when I care enough, I make it myself’.  I just keep my fingers crossed that they don’t share these special gift tags with the folks for whom I buy store bought gifts.

Looking through quilt shop websites seeing what new fall patterns and fabrics are introduced this year, I ran across this picture.  I had to share it.  It’s a combo of the ‘man chair’ and the ‘non-quilting shopper’ that tags along and waits and waits for us.  In this case, they waited just a little too long.  Or maybe it’s just a Halloween display.