A project idea for the Row by Row Junior pattern “Arrows.” It can be used with any row pattern that is 9″ tall finished and 36″ long finished. It fits a king size bed pillow perfectly.

Have fun recycling your worn out blue jeans by using them as the top and bottom strips. Add the pocket for a designer touch that’s functional too.

Follow the pattern instructions at the end of this article and cut the top and bottom strips. Slide the ruler up to get the longest strip length possible. Cut the other leg too to get more strips for piecing together later.

If your jeans leg is too skinny, cut up one of the leg seams and open it up to access a wider strip.

Cut out the pocket. Trim close to the pocket edge but do not cut into the stitching.

Turn over the pocket and cut away the “pants” layer as shown leaving the original topstitching layers in place.  Cut narrow strips of paper backed fusible web like Heat-n-Bond Lite. Place them on the pocket as shown and fuse in place. This fusible step stabilizes the raw edges of the cut pocket and secures the topstitching. Set pocket aside.

Piece the top and bottom strips so they are long enough to meet the pattern measurements. Press the seams open. The next step is optional but recommended. Fuse a layer of Shape-Flex, a woven interfacing, to the back of the row. This adds body and strength to the row so it has more of a decorator fabric feel.

Sew the top and bottom strips to the row. Press toward the strips.

Pin the pocket in place as desired. Do not use pins with plastic heads that will melt when heat is applied. Fuse the pocket in place. It will be necessary to fuse from the front side and from the back side too so the heat goes through all the layers. Keep the pins in until you are sure the pocket is fused down.

Using matching denim colored thread, stitch the pocket in place. Stitch just inside the outer original topstitching. This may be difficult for kids but they can do it. Explain about sewing over “humps.” Show them how to go slow, use the hand wheel, and “help” the presser foot clear the hump. Tip:  start sewing at the bottom point of the pocket and stitch up each side separately. This way, the presser foot approaches the hump instead of starting right on top of it. Back tack at the pocket top corners as best you can.

Complete the project following the remainder of the pattern instructions.  Find the pattern here.  It’s called Simple Sham. You will only need 1-1/4 yds for the sham back instead of 1-3/4 yds as the pattern states because you are using jeans for the front. You will need a full yard of the optional Shape-Flex because it is only 20″ wide unlike the 44″ wide fusible fleece called for in the Simple Sham pattern.

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