As you gather with friends and family (if some or all are quilters) on New Year’s Eve, here are some New Year’s toasts:

  1.  A toast to the music the sound of our sewing machines makes.  May it continue through 2018.
  2. A good-bye to projects we have completed and a welcome to the many we have ahead of us.
  3. Too many UFO’s are bad but too much fabric is just right.
  4. A toast to collecting as many Rows as we want and to the journey the search for them will take us.
  5. Here’s to the quilts (table runners, placemats, art quilts, applique) yet to be made and to the memories for those we have completed.
  6. Here’s to the best projects and to those that were our worst, and to the recipients who couldn’t tell the difference.

Number six is my favorite.

New Year’s Eve is an opportunity to celebrate new beginnings with friends and family.  My 2017 toast will be a big thank-you to Row by Row Studio Blog readers.   I will be looking forward to a 2018 full of shop hops, quilt shows, row collecting, and fun with all my quilting friends.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!