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Thinking Outside The Box

Here are a couple quilts from the Atlantic Canada Facebook page.  These quilters definitely have thought outside the box.  The quilt pictured above is by quilter Odette.   A really cool compass design, Odette. This quilt is from the same Facebook page.  Unfortunately,...

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I Can’t Believe You Made That!

Saturday is my family holiday party.  Each time we get together, I get a series of questions about my quilting.  Just a note:  We only get together with cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews once per year and this Saturday is the 'big day'. Back to the...

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More 2017 Spotlights

So different, Paco,  Love it! Sue was the first in Kentucky to turn in her quilt.   The shop is Among Friends Quilting & Sewing Center, Louisville. Caught up with Valerie and Leesa at Andrea's Fabric and Trim, Shidell, Louisiana.  I'm sure they had a...

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Row by Row Gift Vouchers

Free Printable Row by Row Gift Vouchers "To do, to have, to share?" Research shows that giving gifts that include the promise of a shared experience with others will make you happier than spending on material possessions. These free printable Gift Vouchers are the...

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Row by Row Experience Showcase 2017

In case you haven't seen the Row by Row Experience Showcase website, here's a chance to check out Rows and purchase patterns and fabrics.  They are grouped by states and include a Row from the European Countryside from Germany.  There are stories, partners, and a list...

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How Well Do You Know Your Quilter?

Now I realize this picture is of a scrabble game board but I have a 'game' idea.  The picture is just for color and a sort of teaser. My quilting friends had our first annual couples holiday party Saturday night.  The invitation stated "spouse or plus one" were also...

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The Holiday Games Have Begun

First I want to apologize.  The Row is so cute but I couldn't find a place with good lighting to hang it to take a photo of it so it's in a closet door jam.  It's my souvenir from Texas with the longhorn reindeer and it says Texas at the bottom.  It's a win-win!  Here...

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This Week Is The Thanksgiving Holiday

I was looking through one of my cabinets where I store quilting kits and fabric and found this kit.   I bought it several years ago.  When I looked closely at the pattern, I saw it was designed by Janine Ward, a local quilt designer and teacher.  I did not know her or...

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