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I Made Some Quilted Hearts

Here's a wonderful story about Kathy, her granddaughter Shae, and their experience making hearts together for the I Found a Quilted Heart project. We first met Kathy, a blogger, a quilt maker, a former librarian, and a book reviewer, last summer when she chronicled...

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Wooly Winners!

Since December 15, the Wooly Blocks have been hibernating. But the shops are pleased to announce that beginning February 16 the patterns and kits will again be available! Find your favorite on the Wooly Block Adventure map! Simply click any map dot to see the block and shop information.

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The Shape of Things to Come

That’s right! The rows are changing! This summer when you collect the new row patterns for Sew Musical they will be in a variety of shapes. Shops are having fun creating their rows this year! The rows and shapes will fit together in unlimited patterns. No two quilts...

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Free Journey Quilt Layout Pattern

Happy New Year!   Scroll down to see the Journey Quilt. As we kick off 2018, you may have a few rows left over waiting for just the right quilt setting.  It's here and we call it the Journey Quilt.  It comes in three size variations too.  It's a "look back" tribute to...

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A New Year’s Toast For Quilters

As you gather with friends and family (if some or all are quilters) on New Year's Eve, here are some New Year's toasts:  A toast to the music the sound of our sewing machines makes.  May it continue through 2018. A good-bye to projects we have completed and a welcome...

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Happy Holidays!

Whatever, whenever,  wherever, or however you celebrate this holiday season, I hope you enjoy it and that it is the best ever!  I will spend it with my grandchildren and I feel very lucky to have them close enough to spend this time with me.  

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Thinking Outside The Box

Here are a couple quilts from the Atlantic Canada Facebook page.  These quilters definitely have thought outside the box.  The quilt pictured above is by quilter Odette.   A really cool compass design, Odette. This quilt is from the same Facebook page.  Unfortunately,...

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I Can’t Believe You Made That!

Saturday is my family holiday party.  Each time we get together, I get a series of questions about my quilting.  Just a note:  We only get together with cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews once per year and this Saturday is the 'big day'. Back to the...

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