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2 days ago

I'd love to make one of these!!

Via INSIDER style
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Beautiful, anything like this in Nova Scotia ?

Want to go there

3 days ago

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7 days ago

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Coffee, chocolate and hallmark movie channel

Dinner is in the crock pot, I have no Doctor appointments and my husband is going swimming for an hour.

I love a rainy day, a good book on tape, and a clutter free work space!

Tunes... water... friend to sew with and solve the world’s problems or what we’re having for lunch .. same thing!! LOL

Coffee, tv, & chocolate!!!

Thread, a window and material.

Large glass of ice tea, seam ripper, and a sewing room.

The sewing room accoutrements, water, and music

A pattern, fabric and thread.

Music, coordinating fabric and a pattern

My cat some candy and a drink

Me! project..


sharp pins, a good seam ripper, and gin - Patty Townsend Pryde?

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1 week ago

Bright Side
8 sewing hacks that everyone should know. 📌✂
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2 weeks ago

A quilted cover for a Volkswagen Beetle, made by the Northwest Quilters in Portland, OR, for a quilt show. ... See MoreSee Less


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Bev Crouse do you have a picture of the car we did?

We could do this for fibre arts in October, Chris.

2 weeks ago

Sew Musical! ... See MoreSee Less


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I would love to have that pattern. Can i arrange to buy it. I am in New Brunswick Canada

Karen Lake you should make this but with an anatomical heart!!!! Debra Howard

Oh my, I will be stalking the pattern swapping groups this year!

so beautiful!!!

Love it

It’s so pretty


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3 weeks ago

So excited to share the news about the Row by Row website. It's beautiful! ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago

Here's a sneak peak of the Sew Musical Theme Fabric for Row by Row Experience 2018! What do you think? ... See MoreSee Less


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I love the softness of the colours! Much better than the last two which were very similar, bright colours.

3 weeks ago

Happy Easter Atlantic Canada and check out the brand new
Row by Row website . . . it's fabulous!!
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Happy Easter Atlantic Canada and check out the brand new 
Row by Row website . . . its fabulous!!


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So excited to be a part of ROW BY ROW 2018!

What is the first day that you can get the patterns and kits?

3 weeks ago

QUILTS BY THE BAY..........Dancing in the rain ... See MoreSee Less

QUILTS BY THE BAY..........Dancing in the rain


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Omg I just love this I would like a pattern please

That's cute

Oh! Oh! Yayay! This is gorgeous!

4 weeks ago

We have our first Row! This one is from The Quilter's Cottage in Eureka Springs, AR. The Quilters Cottage is located at 106 E. Van Buren Street in beautiful Eureka Springs. Make this shop a must see destination! I love the needle and thread running through the music! Clever! The size of their row is 36" x 9" finished. Great job, QC! ... See MoreSee Less

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