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2 weeks ago

Europe Row by Row Experience

Look at the 2019 9th Row! It looks like Fiesta-ware! Wouldn’t it make great corners in a food themed quilt? The 9th Row, designed by Karen Montgomery, is Row By Row Experience’s way to give back. All proceeds from 9th Row shop registrations are donated to an international charity. ... See MoreSee Less


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Can't wait to make this one, next year. 😍😍😍😍😍

Super Row! Hope that my summer holidays bring me to the USA or Canada next year so I can collect Rows again ...

I was surprised I didn't see more use of this year's ninth row. It was cute and easy to complete. One of the rows my grandson did.

That’s amazing

3 weeks ago

Europe Row by Row Experience

Happening right now!Janet Lutz owner of Row By Row Experience and Debra Gabel m, creative director, present the new theme and fabric at Quilt Market in Houston TX. Is your local shop participating in Taste The Experience? ... See MoreSee Less

Happening right now!

3 weeks ago

Europe Row by Row Experience

A winner at @Stitch X Stitch!🎉🎉🎉WE HAVE A Europe Row by Row Experience WINNER 🎉🎉🎉
Congratulations to our winner Lesley Bryans who travelled all the way from Milton Keynes twice this summer ~ first visit to buy her Row x Row kit and second visit to present her prize-winning quilt.
Lesley wins a bundle of 25 fat quarters plus a mystery bonus prize for being the first to return to our shop with her completed quilt.
We’ve had a great summer meeting visitors from near and far on their Row x Row road trips and we look forward to doing it all again next year.
Next year’s theme has already been announced “Taste the Experience” and well be starting to plan our Row for next year soon.
Look forward to you all joining us again in 2019 for another great Summer of stitching fun.
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A winner at @Stitch X Stitch!

Only 5 more days to turn in a winning quilt! October 31st is the last day to win a prize! ... See MoreSee Less

4 weeks ago

Europe Row by Row Experience

Quilt en meer I spy a row from the Netherlands in this winning quilt from Iowa USA!Agagael Shrader traveled far and wide...even overseas to The Netherlands to curate her winning quilt. Celebrating her win with friends at Helios Stitches N Stuff, Abagael used designs from Alaska's Mountain Shop: "The Talkeetna Quilt Shop", Maryland's Calvert Quilt Shop, Colorado's Hi Fashion Sewing Machines, Nebraska's Sew Blessed, Wisconsin's Sew Smart Sewing Center and Quilt Shop, Iowa's Inspired To Sew, Netherlands Quilt en meer, and Missouri Star. ... See MoreSee Less

Quilt en meer I spy a row from the Netherlands in this winning quilt from Iowa USA!


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Congratulations with your winning quilt. It's is nice to see my Row.

4 weeks ago

Europe Row by Row Experience

So that’s how they do it!

Blackmore and Roy - Sewing Machine Service & Repairs
How screen printing is done on fabric!

Each roller has coloured ink pumped inside -- the rollers are then set by hand to match the pattern with every rotation. So mesmerising!
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1 month ago

Europe Row by Row Experience

Row by Row Studio
Here it is! The 2019 Row by Row Experience theme is announced! Watch the video and click here to read the story:
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