Quilters are traveling again and looking for new shops to visit. Put your shop on their list in 2023!

Row by Row Experience is going back to basics, simplifying the event for shops and rowers. It attracts quilters as they travel, unlike shop hops that target a specific area.

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License Plate Pins from WizardPins

Customize your license plate pin with your state, shop name and slogan. WizardPins has a catalog of all state plate templates so even if you have no artwork, they can produce a high quality proof for you to approve.

Custom FabricPlates™ from Zebra Patterns

Row by Row loves collectors! Custom FabricPlates™ from Zebra Patterns are a fun way for a Rower to show where they've been. Quilt Shops can order directly from the Zebra Patterns website.

need-to-know for shops

The Basics

Who can participate?

Brick and mortar quilt shops are invited to participate.

What will I do?

Create a unique 9x36 inch row pattern following the theme "Summertime" to hand out for FREE to any rower that visits your shop in person. That's it! Everything else is optional (but highly recommended).

Where can I sell?

Enhance your experience by creating kits to sell online, by phone or at shows. Free patterns are only for customers that physically visit your shop, no mailing!

When does it start?

2023 Event Dates: June 1 - August 31, 2023