RxR Junior

Row by Row Junior is a summertime youth development program introducing sewing and its intrinsic benefits to kids age 6-14.

Through participating brick and mortar quilt shops, Row by Row Junior provides complimentary patterns designed for kids to sew and “I Made This” ribbons to reward their efforts.

Shops provide diverse shopping experiences to inspire and encourage kids and the grown-ups who love them.

Learning to sew at home with family help is essential to Row by Row Junior. An extensive collection of tutorial support for families can be found all year long.

Learn more about 2018 RxR Jr here.

Find 2018 RxR Jr Shops on this great video about using our RxR Google Map here or on a step by step tutorial here.

Find free Jr activity pages, journal pages, tutorials, projects, and more resources here.


June 21

RxR Junior Begins

October 31

RxR Junior Ends


Junior Rules


  • Row by Row Junior starts on June 21, the same as Row by Row Experience. Junior is different, however, in that patterns may be collected until October 31, 2018.
  • Like adult Row by Row, children need to be present in the shop to get the free pattern handout.
  • Participating Row by Row Junior shops are indicated on the Google Maps  shop locations.
  • Anyone can buy a kit. Grandmothers, aunts, uncles, traveling family members – all can buy kits for their kids. 
  • Projects are completed by kids while being mentored and coached in sewing techniques by an adult.
  • “I Made This” ribbons are awarded to the first five kids who return to a shop with something they’ve made using a Row by Row Junior pattern.  We celebrate any sewing effort not just quilting.
  • The project does not have to be finished to qualify for a ribbon or award. All efforts are valid.
  • Every kid who comes in with a project receives a certificate after the five ribbons have been claimed. October 31 is the deadline for a Junior award.
  • Adult Rowers may include RxR Junior designs in a RxR quilt, but they may not be counted as one of the 8 rows needed to win a prize.


When is Row by Row Junior?
It follows the same time frame as grown-up Row by Row but has no Stitching Challenge Period. It starts on June 21 and ends on October 31. Collect complimentary patterns and purchase kits in store during this period. After Nov. 1 shops can sell Junior patterns or kits in any way.

Who gets a free Junior pattern?
Only kids age 6-14 who visit a participating Junior shop in person get a complimentary pattern. But grown-ups who do not have an accompanying child can still buy a Junior kit which includes the pattern.

My child is a “little” younger/older than age 6-14. Can he still get a free pattern?

How does a kid get an “I Made This” ribbon?
He/she returns to a participating Junior shop with something they made using a Junior pattern. It does not have to be a finished project. If he is one of the first five kids he will get a ribbon and a certificate. Certificates can still be awarded after the five ribbons have been claimed. October 31 is the deadline to get a Junior award.

What is the Junior photo permission form?
Posting photos on social media is an important part of Row by Row Experience. Shops will ask for a parent’s permission before taking a photo of a child. If parents prefer no photo be taken, that’s OK. Kids can still get a ribbon and certificate.

How many Junior patterns are there?
In 2018, there are six different “Sew Musical” Junior patterns: Big Music, Guitar, Piano Keys, Pop Stars, Singin’ Salmon, and Speakers. Shops choose which pattern they want to offer as their complimentary pattern.

How do I find shops that offer the Junior patterns?
Visit the RxR Map (click here). Junior shops will have an identifying Junior icon next to their name on lists and on the map.

I want to collect all six Junior patterns. How do I know which pattern a shop is offering?
Contact participating shops directly.

Do Junior patterns make a quilt?
They can. Row by Row Junior encourages learning to sew with a variety of small, confidence building projects that are affordable and doable for today’s busy kids and their families. Click here for project ideas using Junior patterns plus tips and tutorials.


Row by Row Junior wants kids to be successful and have fun sewing their projects. We’ve created many resources to make the sewing experience easy on everyone! Journals, activity pages, pattern tips and tutorials are all available free to download here.

“We want our kids to learn sewing and carry on this craft that’s so dear to us. RxR Junior is a great opportunity to nurture the love of fabric and sewing.”

-Janet Lutz

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