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Row by Row Experience: Taste the Experience
begins June 21, 2019!

Visit your area to see what’s happening.
Download travel and picture lists.
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Below you can check out our Google Map and our new tool for finding stores. Use the tool to see stores in your country, state, or province. Sort results by city, zip code, or participation in RxR Junior or the 9th Row.

Shop Finder Instructions

  • Choose a country.
  • Choose a state or province.
  • In the city window, choose All to see all stores in the state, or choose a specific city.
  • Sort results by store name, city, zip code, or participation in special RxR programs RxR Junior and the 9th Row.
  • Start your Rowing!
Scroll page to see Google map

Search the Google Map

Click to see 2018 RXR Map. 2019 Map coming later this year!


Use the Google Map

  1. Zoom into the area you are interested in by using the + and – buttons in bottom left of map
  2. Click and drag to resposition map
  3. Click on colored map dot to highlight shop info
    1. Visit shop website
    2. See who is participating in RxR Junior or The 9th Row
  4. Click on direction sign for directions to the store (don’t forget to call and make sure they are open first!)