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2 weeks ago

Arizona Row by Row Experience

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2 weeks ago

Arizona Row by Row Experience

My favorite thread is Aurifil for my piecing and quilting. Here is a challenge presented by Aurifil. What do you do with all the empty spools? Do you recycle? Do you use them for other crafts? I would love to see what ideas you can come up with using empty thread spools. (Hint: wind chime, picture frame, pencil holder, art piece, jewelry.)

Aurifil has made a commitment to render Aurifil Plastic Neutral . Read more about it here:
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I used to pass them on to an art teacher who has since retired. Maybe it's time for me to see if an art department could use them

I made Spool Animals

2 weeks ago

Arizona Row by Row Experience

Anything interesting in your sewing or crafting space? 😏

Image from My Designs in the Chaos
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Maybe they’re Easter bunnies!

my fabric stash

A water heater. We converted our 3rd car garage into my sewing room and did not move it. Bad decision...should have had it moved !

Dust bunnies

My freezer

Toilet brush to take up the long threads off the carpeting.

About a hundred dragons. 🙂

A leather jacket

A sump pump. My sewing room is in the basement.

Craftsman tool chest , about 5 foot tall . It's great from everything like pencils, needles, patterns


My snowman collection!

Debbie Collins you got the best one!


My laundry room

I have a husky tool chest which houses my cross stitch threads and all my fabric

An annoying husband?

There’s an attached bathroom. I use the tub for spring batting, my “batting tub”!


Brenda Schreiber-Bates ? 🤔

An island work counter on wheels

A windmill

A picture of my mom!

Darth Vader nut cracker!

Lego mini figures and a hurricane lantern in case the power goes out.

2 weeks ago

Arizona Row by Row Experience

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Julie Olivera

Sometimes it’s just to pretty to cut up in pieces!! Lol

I’m saving it for just the right project 😁

Wow, they pegged me for sure

Laura Jackson, then there is my fabric viewpoint! haha

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Waiting for mine to be serviced!! It will be really happy to see her new home!!!!🤗

Vicki Davis

4 weeks ago

Arizona Row by Row Experience

The great state of Arizona. We maybe mostly desert, but WOW!The hills are alive with 🌺🌸🌼🌻!

See more 😍 spots in AZ:
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The great state of Arizona.  We maybe mostly desert, but WOW!

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Bartlett lake is alive with this desert show.

wow, a patchwork of wildflowers...

Darn, missed it by 4 days.

So pretty, the drive between here and Payson, was Beatiful last week

Where was this lovely shot taken?


so very beautiful!!

So very pretty

So beautiful!

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Lets go fabric shopping!
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