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Isn't everyday National Quilting Day? Lol

Ideas for backings ... See MoreSee Less

Ideas for backings

I hate when this happens!Yes, we've all been there! #bobbinless #sewchecker #quilthumor #quilting #sewing ... See MoreSee Less

I hate when this happens!

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That's why I love my machine that tells me when my bobbin is empty. When I sew on my other machines, no indicator and have sewed without thread. Grrrr.....

This is a good one !!!!!!!

Sometimes guilty! ... See MoreSee Less

Sometimes guilty!

Look who's coming to Row by Row Junior this summer! It's Fried Eyes, Jelly, and Sweetie. Three friends from the imaginary Land of Yum. Read all about them and their patterns here: ... See MoreSee Less


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So very true

2 months ago

Delaware & New Jersey Row by Row Experience

Wow!A needle and thread under an electron microscope. ... See MoreSee Less


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That's really cool. What a great pic to hang in a sewing room!

Dang. Not what I was expecting

2 months ago

Delaware & New Jersey Row by Row Experience

What would you like to see in the rows this year? ... See MoreSee Less

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Kitchen items! I’m a quilter and a competitive cook! I’m so excited with the theme this year!

Being from the Garden State, I would like to see local produce. 😁🍅🌽

2 months ago

Delaware & New Jersey Row by Row Experience

Can't wait! ... See MoreSee Less

Cant wait!

3 months ago

Delaware & New Jersey Row by Row Experience

Is this you?Art work created by THERESA HALL. ... See MoreSee Less

Is this you?

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Yes that's me

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