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3 hours ago

Florida Row by Row Experience

Great information!Just a caution about your sewing machine needles⚠️. We are seeing quite a few machines coming in with problems caused by a budget brand of needles being sold at some department stores. These needles are made so poorly that they will actually cause your machine to not sew properly. To demonstrate - the needle on the left is a Schmetz brand needle size 80 and on the right is the department store needle size 70. This size needle should be finer than the Schmetz, and as you can see, not only is it thicker, but it’s also longer😱! Other needles in the same department-store-pack are made backwards or are bent. Consumers are purchasing these needles in good faith, and then spending hours trying to find the cause of their sewing machine problem, all the while certain that it can’t be their machine needle because it’s a brand-new pack😤. And the worst part about this is that newbies to sewing, who are keen to get involved in this hobby that we all love so much, think that the problems that they are experiencing are caused by them doing something wrong, and with a hit to their confidence, they just give up🙄. No matter if you have an enormous machine that you use every day, or a small one, that you get out every now and then, we recommend using brand-quality needles like Schmetz, that you can purchase from all good sewing stores. Share this post with your sewing friends ... See MoreSee Less

Great information!


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Thank you.

Thank you for the information. Quilters should use quality needles and thread.

1 week ago

Florida Row by Row Experience

Not just a weekend forecast, maybe a lifestyle . . . ! ... See MoreSee Less

Not just a weekend forecast, maybe a lifestyle . . . !


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Sounds wonderful. But I need to pay bills.

My kind of day!👏

3 weeks ago

Florida Row by Row Experience

So Florida . . . what designs would you like to see? What is your favorite shape?For some shops coming up with a concept, designing, creating and making a pattern is very difficult, so we are asking you.....what types of rows and/or blocks would you like to see this year? What is the first thing you think of when you hear the phrase "taste the experience"?? Thanks for your input! ... See MoreSee Less

So Florida . . .  what designs would you like to see?  What is your favorite shape?


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Tasting the experience doesn't have to be just food. How about the snow on your tongue? The salt water in your mouth at the seashore...swimming, snorkeling, water skiing, boating. The fear when on the roller coaster. The cold fresh air in the winter. ..walking, ice skating, sledding, snowball throwing.


The different food found in FL- lobster crab shrimp mahi alligator swamp cabbage Cuban sandwich key lime pie

I think Florida’s shape is a flamingo, maybe flip flops and sunglasses

Cupcakes for sure!

Let's face it, depicting a supper meal with fabric would be difficult. Individual, easily recognized foods will work best. I.e. a lobster dinner.


Cute Cupcakes, fancy cookies.


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4 weeks ago

For Row by Row this year I liked the squares. I would like to see cup cakes, hot dogs. Food carts. Cakes, strawberries in strawberry towns Oranges, Tomatoes. How about some hamburgers. Taco Tuesday. So much can be done. I hope we can see a big variety and go with a local theme with food. ... See MoreSee Less

4 weeks ago

Florida Row by Row Experience

Love this!

CBS News
This doctor sews personalized blankets for every single baby he delivers ❤️️https://cbsn.ws/2RKYNvR
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1 month ago

Florida Row by Row Experience

Hmmm . . . where do you quilt?Where do you quilt? ... See MoreSee Less

Hmmm . . . where do you quilt?


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In my sheshed

Mostly in the living room.

Where can I get the information for the 2019 row by row for Florida? I moved here from Oklahoma and would live to do this here also.

In the car On the plane In a barn...... Rosalie Hoover 😍😃

Laura Zinger Elaine Mountz Patricia Cabaniss Peg Washburn York


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1 month ago

Florida Row by Row Experience

Doesn't this make you feel good about the joy of quilting?
Keep stitching my friends!Isn't this the truth?
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Doesnt this make you feel good about the joy of quilting?
Keep stitching my friends!


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Carol Callahan

So true.

Love this

Happy New Year!!
Are you ready for the 2019 Taste the Experience??
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Happy New Year!!
Are you ready for the 2019 Taste the Experience??


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Where can I get the 2019 row by row information?

Who needs more than a moment??? ... See MoreSee Less

Who needs more than a moment???


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Kris Grooms, Judy Melhorn Sadofski, Judy Judy Proko Panko, and all my craft friends

Christmas ain't over tell you say it's over. KEEP CRAFTING IF YOUR HEART IS IN IT.

Laura Peuse Maravillas

I have decided to go ahead and make a Christmas runner just because it is so cute.

I gave quilt TOPS to my aunts!! Waited too long to take them to the longarmer!

Can I get an Amen!!!

2 UFOs .. gonna get’em done .. determined

I still have some from Christmas LAST YEAR that I didn’t get finished...☹️

THIS year???😏

I need about 6 months to finish the quilt top I gave half-finished 😀!



I have crafts started that were a year old last year!!! I need several moments please....

Lol 😝

I need much more than a moment!🤣

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