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Here is a cool video on how fabric is digitally printed
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Who's allowed to use your fabric scissors? ... See MoreSee Less

Whos allowed to use your fabric scissors?

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When we were first married my husband hid a pair of scissors so he always knew where the “safe” scissors were and only used those. It’s been long enough now that he’s learned the difference between gingers and office scissors.

Nobody but me! My MIL Carol McMillen drew a skull and cross bones on hers to warn people away 🤣 ✂️

Nobody but me.

Have fun in the snow! ... See MoreSee Less

Have fun in the snow!

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Mona Ward

Sandy Low William Low LOL

They are so cute full of attitude

Gayle Eichenberger

April Remy Hinton

Deborah Catherine Beam-Chase

Mary Katherine Welch

Amber Smith Ford

Valerie Thompson

Rosemary Hood, Sherry Griffet

Linda Ward Frankster to the rescue.

Mark Albin

2 months ago

Illinois Row by Row Experience

Road to California Quilt Show - 165 wall hangings of Prince. It would be fun to have gone, just to see all the creativity.

Cherrywood Hand-Dyed Fabric
The Prince Cherrywood Challenge

Cherrywood is a Hand Dyed Fabric business in Minnesota and sponsors art quilt challenges every year. Each of the 165 pieces of art (quilts) measure 20 inches. Everyone started out with the exact same purple fabrics from Cherrywood and then created their own original design inspired by the late, great Prince.
The display covers 90 feet of wall space. More information on where to see this amazing exhibit and order the keepsake book here-
#road2ca #cherrywoodfabrics #smallbusiness #princechallenge #minnesotastrong #prince #minnesota #purplerain #artquilt #purplefamily #cherrywoodchallenge
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I’d be hard pressed to pick a favorite block.


Sharon Linders

Get every quilt out - it's cold! ... See MoreSee Less

Get every quilt out - its cold!

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Cherie Jackson Sue Emerson Jill Mcnulty

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Very funny!




What is the very first thing you though of when you heard the theme for 2019 Row by Row, TASTE THE EXPERIENCE? ... See MoreSee Less

What is the very first thing you though of when you heard the theme for 2019 Row by Row, TASTE THE EXPERIENCE?

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A quilt for the Food Bank!

Sunny side ups

How can this be done without applique?


Chef cooking blocks, hubby is a chef

Mason jar blocks


So many things!

What level quilter / sewist do you consider yourself? ... See MoreSee Less

What level quilter / sewist do you consider yourself?

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Aha, that explains beginning quilter!

This is me!


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Cindy Oderkirk Butler


Love it!❤

Love it❤

Deborah Harris

Love this Sandy!!

Love it🤗🤗

I just got some today. DR orders.

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