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Adrienne Rene Able

1 week ago

Are there any photos posted yet for Indiana Taste of home row experience? ❤️❤️❤️ ... See MoreSee Less

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Coming soon!!

It's about that time.... ... See MoreSee Less

Its about that time....

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So true!! LOL


Barbara Pescitelli Barbara Drudge Patti Dale

What is something you have in your sewing room that you think no one else will have in theirs? ... See MoreSee Less

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Bowl of cat food!

A basket of cotton fiber and a small support spindle. Sometimes when I'm stuck, I spin a little and it relaxes me and gives me a different focus.

Lots of cat hair!

My Coffee nook, complete with a Kuerig and Mr. Coffee machine, a tiny little fridge to keep my cream cold and the k-cups and coffee for the machines. I drink a lot of coffee, only made sense to have machines also be in my seiwng room. 🙂

Wooden sock stretchers

Mohair bear I made.

My grandmothers dining room table & hutch, I use for my cutting table & stash fabric.

My Harry Potter figurines

Actually, my sewing room is in my bedroom now, lol

I have a collection of snowmen,and I have 2 in my sewing room that I keep out all year long ☃️

A small baby Yeti that I created.

Model 16-41 industrial singer walking foot treadle....

A glass pink flamingo

Crystals and ridgeback

My grandmother made it

A 1950’s wedding dress

This is from my church. It was used to tell offering & attendance amounts.

Milk jug flashing. Its the plastic punch out where the handle is. I use it as a makeshift iron instead of using my fingernails to press fabric.

Space heater.

A guinea pig

This was my grandmothers

My work office 😢 I have to share rooms

My kitchen 😂😂😂

Shoe strings


2 weeks ago

Is there a QUILT SHOP HOP in Indiana this year ... See MoreSee Less

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So true

Each thing I make is a different way to share part of myself with others❣️

I simply love this quote.💓

Making things is making memories!

Jenny Carway

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Just the wine. Not the chocolate 🙂

Who took that picture of me. Only on down days!

Just give me the chocolate and nobody gets hurt 😆

This is so me!!! ... See MoreSee Less

This is so me!!!

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Are you talking about me?

LOL! I hear ya sister! Or did I just say that?


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Good to know. Thanks Mellisa 😊

who would have thought

Isn't this the truth? ... See MoreSee Less

Isnt this the truth?

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Isn't that the truth

This is true ShayLea Hochstetler

Amen! Especially when you see the piece of fabric it compliments in your stash.

Yes! Even a year later🤣

Or the shop we didn’t visit! I left two in Arkansas unvisited!

I'm just on the wrong planet!! ... See MoreSee Less

Im just on the wrong planet!!
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