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3 hours ago

NET News (Nebraska)
Filmmaker Ken Burns has collected quilts since the 1970's, but Burns has never publicly shared his collection until recently when he allowed the International Quilt Study Center & Museum in Lincoln to exhibit a selection of them.

"The Quilts of Ken Burns" will be featured in our final episode of Season 9. Watch Nebraska Stories TONIGHT at 8pm CT/ 7MT on NET.
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I love this! Thank you so much for sharing!

Thank you, collection looks amazing!

2 weeks ago

Sew Musical rows are appearing! We can't wait to see what Kansas shops come up with!Sew Musical! ... See MoreSee Less

Sew Musical rows are appearing! We cant wait to see what Kansas shops come up with!

3 weeks ago

Keep an eye out for these in 2018!Look what is coming from Zebra Patterns for 2018 Row by Row Experience® Sew Musical theme! (Available soon at participating quilt shops) ... See MoreSee Less

Keep an eye out for these in 2018!

2 months ago

Fun fact:Just an interesting fun fact on he President's Day. Did you know the piano that was on the stage at Ford's Theatre the night Lincoln was shot is displayed in a Kansas museum? To see it, head to the Jack Wyatt Piano Technician's Museum in Kansas City. Learn more on p. 202 of the Kansas Guidebook 2 for Explorers. The next Explorer newsletter will feature over 20 connections of U.S. Presidents in Kansas. Join today! www.explorekansas.org. ... See MoreSee Less

Fun fact:

2 months ago

I know of a couple, somewhat recent, World Series that made me a very productive quilter!Trying to get some sewing done while watching the Olympics? You can't do it! But snacking? That's another story. Read more here: rowbyrowstudio.com/2018/02/18/sewing-and-snacking-during-the-olympics/ ... See MoreSee Less

I know of a couple, somewhat recent, World Series that made me a very productive quilter!

2 months ago

Are there any dog lovers out there?The Westminster Dog Show is this week but Row by Row has their own version of this popular canine event. See 32 rows from 2017 all featuring dogs in wonderful and whimsical ways. See them here: rowbyrowstudio.com/2018/02/11/row-by-rows-version-of-the-westminster-dog-show/ ... See MoreSee Less

Are there any dog lovers out there?


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Thanks for sharing this post, Kansas RxR!

Love this!

2 months ago

How sweet!This Row by Row Junior fan and her grandmother made some quilted hearts to pay it forward. See how you can too. Happy Valentines Day! #rowbyrowjunior #IFoundAQuiltedHeart Learn more here: rowbyrowstudio.com/2018/02/08/i-made-some-quilted-hearts/ ... See MoreSee Less

How sweet!


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I love this program. I have been making quilted hearts for over 6 months now. So much fun to hide for others to find.

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