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1 day ago

NET News (Nebraska)
Filmmaker Ken Burns has collected quilts since the 1970's, but Burns has never publicly shared his collection until recently when he allowed the International Quilt Study Center & Museum in Lincoln to exhibit a selection of them.

"The Quilts of Ken Burns" will be featured in our final episode of Season 9. Watch Nebraska Stories TONIGHT at 8pm CT/ 7MT on NET.
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3 days ago

Tastemade Home
Ever wondered how those marvelous swirls of marble come to be? Take an inside look at Rule of Three Studio's hand-marbling fabric process here.
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6 days ago

Perfect snack bag for a road trip!The Cottage Mama has a quick and easy way to create snack bags. Plus, you can make this project on your serger! Click here for details on this project: ... See MoreSee Less

Perfect snack bag for a road trip!

3 weeks ago

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Lousetta Mitschelen Carlson

4 weeks ago

Great Big Story
Your blue jeans don't hold a flame to Japanese indigo. The true blue dye makes clothes fire resistant, bacteria resistant, and was once worn under the armor of samurai.
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1 month ago

This year’s theme is Sew Musical - what’s your favorite musical? ... See MoreSee Less

This year’s theme is Sew Musical - what’s your favorite musical?


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Fiddler on the Roof. And now The Greatest Showman.

Funny girl and hello dolly with Barbra Streisand

Les Mis, Phantom of the Opera, Sound of Music, Oklahoma, Fiddler, Music Man........

Sound of Music, Cats, South Pacific.

The Secret Garden and Into the Woods (not the new one)


Currently - Hamilton. All time favorite? My Fair Lady. Always.

Sound of Music is my favorite musical. Mom says the Music Man.

Fiddler on the Roof, Les Meserables

Mame (based off the movie Auntie Mame)

Seven brides for seven brothers

Les Mis

The greatest showman might have topped the sound of music for me

Jersey Boys and Hamilton!

Les Mis

There are sooo many.....

Sound of music then phantom of opera.

Sound of Music 💕

Yankee Doodle Dandy

West Side Story 🕺💃🏻

Calamity Jane - Doris Day & Howard Keel

Bye Bye Birdie

Music Man

Sound of music

West side Story

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1 month ago

Play along....#MusicCityEncore ... See MoreSee Less

Play along....


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Sailing ships, Poe, crabs, Orioles, shootings

The birthplace of "speed", and now they drive soooooo slow.

AQS quilt show,quilt museum, Hancock fabric

Fast horses, beautiful women and slugger bats

Garden of the Gods, USAFA, Olympic Training Center, Pikes Peak and....formerly the most fittest city in the nation until we got all these dang junk food places. Lol

Hometown is known as the beef capital of the world! Town I live in now, big drug bust in the ‘90s.

Gangs. Ugh. Fortunately I live well outside the city limits in the country

LOL or is it beautiful horses fast women and Slugger bats

Women Olympic hockey team practice rink.

Wildcats basketball, horses

National Soaring museum. Home of mark twain Ernie Davis astronaut Eileen Collins. Tommy Hilfiger Hal roach

Bourbon capital of the world!

Steve Bright and Zinnias.

The Derby, wonderful baseball bats, Bourbon row, thunder air show and fireworks, to name a few

Spring Training for the same major league team since 1934 and for the swans given to the city by Queen Elizabeth many years ago. They have multiplied over the years and are vigorously protected and it's illegal to bother any nesting swans.

Don't live there now, but used to..Rose Rocks

Beer Nuts. (then of course there would be State Farm)

Only glass public restrooms .Two of them on the square.You can see out but can't see in.Thank goodness for that.

Coffee, high taxes and a pediphile mayor.

olympic city USA, Garden of the Gods, Pike's Peak...

Baked beans, The Honeymooners and beautiful mountains. 3 cities.

Horses, bourbon and basketball.

You guys are good! If anyone knows the answers chime in!

16th poorest town in the USA with a population of 2,000 or more!

The Murder capital of the U.S.

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1 month ago

Hmmm... not sure how I feel about this one. ... See MoreSee Less

Hmmm... not sure how I feel about this one.


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I'd wear it.

I love it and would wear it proudly.....

I love it!!



Joan Ball

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