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2 weeks ago

Louisiana Row by Row Experience

what's in your space?Anything interesting in your sewing or crafting space? 😏

Image from My Designs in the Chaos
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whats in your space?

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Flip Flops, a Bird Cage, steel tape, hammer, and dark chocolate!

My Snoopy collection.

A set a workout weights, jump rope, and yoga mat. Nope I don’t use them.

A child. My teen has literally moved into the hole beneath my cutting table. She made herself a den. Light, pillows, quilts. It is quite cozy, actually.

My ferrets...they help supervise the quilting process! lol

My great grandmas quilting rack..


Essential Oil Diffuser 💝

Blue dog paintings

A roll of fishing line


My mother's ashes

A Hoosier

My dog gracie

a mural with wisteria and sunflowers

File cabinet with taxes and important papers.

1 month ago

Louisiana Row by Row Experience

The old fashioned Quilting Bee … Truly quilters & food … getting ready to taste the experience!Taste the Experience. The old fashioned quilting bee has a strong association with food: the Potluck dinner.
The quilting bee was an extremely popular social event in the mid nineteenth century. The quilting bee provided a social space for women to gather and gossip while they simultaneously expressed their artistic capabilities. The quilting bee was often times held in a grange hall or a church vestry room which allowed for a maximum number of 12 women to attend. Often the number of guests was limited to seven, who, with the hostess, made up two quilting frames, the equivalent of two tables of bridge. Good quilting in earlier times was a social requisite, and it behooved the ambitious woman to be an expert with her needle.
Often several quilts were finished in a single session which lasted all day. These sessions ended with a supper of roast chicken or turkey. The men usually arrived in time for the feast, after which there followed singing and dancing. Like so many established rural customs--apple-paring bees, corn-husking contests, and barn raising parties--the traditional quilting bee party carried with it all the social amenities. The event marked the successful completion of many months of laborious handiwork. The painting, The Quilting Party shows the final sewing in place of the many blocks and friendship pieces of the quilt.
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The old fashioned Quilting Bee … Truly quilters & food … getting ready to taste the experience!

2 months ago

Louisiana Row by Row Experience

#checkerdist #bobbinlessYes, we've all been there! #bobbinless #sewchecker #quilthumor #quilting #sewing ... See MoreSee Less

#checkerdist #bobbinless

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I freak out if I go 6" I cannot imagine my face after 20 mins...lol...

We call it “air sewing”

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LOL!!!!! TOo funny:)!

Not with my new toy. I have just began to have unfinished projects

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