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6 days ago

Ohio Row by Row Experience

16 Rows!Congratulations to Charla Vaught of Inola, OK, the 2019 Row by Row Experience winner from A Bolt Load of Fabric in Wagoner! What a fantastic quilt! We are so excited for you, Charla!

Charla's rows are from:
Cotton Cottage, Claremore
Oklahoma Quiltworks, OKC
A Bolt Load of Fabric, Wagoner
Thread Lightly Studio, Okmulgee
Beth's Quilting Quarters, Blanchard
Threads of Tradition, Yukon
Quilter's Depot, Ringwood
Key's Grocery and Quilts, Ardmore
Prairie Quilt, Hennessey
Quilt Nuts, Sand Springs
Sooner Quilts, Guthrie
Aunt Mary's Sewing Room, Coweta
Stitches Sewing & Service, Tulsa
Bernina Sewing Center, Temple Terrace, FL
Cozy Quilts and Things, Mulberry, AR
Lulu and Hazel, Durant
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16 Rows!

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Beautiful!!! A lot of work. She must have sewn 24 hrs. a day. She did a great job.


Lisa Akers Hazen

2 weeks ago

Ohio Row by Row Experience

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Legend has it... that a man parked this car, in the shade, while his wife was in the Quilt Shop.😆 ... See MoreSee Less

Legend has it... that a man parked this car, in the shade, while his wife was in the Quilt Shop.😆

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Love this

Pamela Grant

RoseAnne Gibson

Carol Quirk Peerman. This made me think of you!

🤣 cute

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How many people can say they taught themselves how to quilt? ... See MoreSee Less

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I have; I had not sewn anything since 8th grade now i do complex patterns. I started sewing again at 43

I've been sewing since I was 6 but made my first quilt after I married when I saw how expensive a quilts were. Silly me that quilt from W.T. Grants was cheap compared to the quilt I made.

Have some guidance along the way. 2012 1st quilt was for my first grand baby and hated every single minute of it. Tried again with a quilt of valor for my father in 2014 and haven’t stopped since. Now I love it. Next quilt is a Dresden plate quilt for my wedding.

I made my first two quilts on my own and then took classes. I only piece the tops. I quilt the tops by check, cash or credit card.

Me. In 1993 I found a quilt book at the library to make my first quilt and decided to write the author/publisher to buy and have my own copy. It was my first quilt book that have now multiplied.

i taught myself to sew from 7 too. I however took a quilting class after trying to Quilt myself. Learned so much with the greatest teacher. she wrote and edited for Rodale Books. It was definitely worth taking a beginner class, they teach you so many tricks.

I started sewing at age 7. At same age embroidered and crochet. Evolved into needle point, counted cross stitch etc. by the time I graduated I started piecing quilts but knitted them. 40 years ago began hand quilting. Everything I have done is self taught.

I did at first then met other quilters later on who taught me many things. I wanted to learn so I bought Fons and Porters book on quilting and went to town!

My mom showed me how to use a sewing machine to make scrunchies...but I decided to learn beyond that.

Learned to quilt from Love of Quilting TV show, never had a lesson

First learned in 1960. Neighborhood lady needed to make a bunch of quilts for the upcoming winter. All of us kids in the neighborhood were recruited to turn housedresses into quilt tops with old wool blankets for batting.

I did, struggled, but got it done. I love quilting..

Yes over 40 years ago. No one in my family quilted & there weren’t even good books in library.

I did the year my son was born so I could make him a blanket. Have been quilting for over 28 years now.

Sewed since a small child. Taught myself to quilt when I retired.

Mostly self taught, a lot of guidance from the guild I belong to

Pretty much self taught. After I had been doing it for awhile took some classes

I have. There is so much info out there, all you have to do is read, read, read.

Learned to sew in home economics class back in ....

I taught myself 99% of what I know.

I did. Library books and then YouTube videos.

My mom did

I did. Started sewing at 8.

Me and a magazine.

I did.

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Miller Dry Goods has a winner!! Lisa H. brought in this two sided quilt. She used rows from:
Miller Dry Goods, OH
Helping Hands Quilt Store, OH
The Craft Cupboard, OH
Quilts & Kreations, OH
Carisle Fabrics, OH
Sew Deja Vu, OH
Kentucky Quilt Company, KY
Cottontail Quilts, GA
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Miller Dry Goods has a winner!!  Lisa H. brought in this two sided quilt.  She used rows from:
Miller Dry Goods, OH
Helping Hands Quilt Store, OH
The Craft Cupboard, OH
Quilts & Kreations, OH
Carisle Fabrics, OH
Sew Deja Vu, OH
Kentucky Quilt Company, KY
Cottontail Quilts, GA

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Congratulations to my BFF on her beautiful quilt! You are for sure the Crafting Queen! 😘

Very nice! ❤

Thank you @Miller Dry Goods for the fat quarters!

If someone paid me 1 Million dollars to give away all my fabric, and sewing supplies I would.....
a. take the money
b. Not take the money
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Take the money, buy my dream sewing machine & build myself an official sewing room!

A Take the money & buy & build everything I have ever wanted in my sewing room.

If someone offered me a tenth of that I’d take the money. Buy the machine I want and a long arm and be as happy as could be.

B! Or I could take it and buy more of everything and a she shed to store and sew in! That sounds highly tempting to me!

$ then I would revamp the sewing room

Take the money. You can buy a lot of fabric and sewing supplies for $1M.

B. Are you crazy, love my fabric!!!

Show me the $$$ and see how fast I could get all new stuff, including a house with a HUGE room(s) for sewing!

Take the money, pay for my aunts funeral expenses and pay off my moms bills before investing the rest in college funds for my kids. Things can be replaced

If it was changed to add you could never buy fabric and sewing supplies again what would your answer be.

Take the money! I’d love to start over and get rid of stuff I’ll never use in 10 lifetimes!

Take the money and buy a new machine and more fabric😉🤣

Take the money, build our house (which will leave a lot of money), but we'd have no mortgage, build a barn, fence a pasture for a couple of horses we'd have to buy. I'm sure there'd still be leftover money, but being debt free means I have plenty of money to buy more!

1! If it didn't include my finished projects.

I’d take the money and start over!! This time only buying what I need! LOL

A, take the money and shop.

Hmm.. I don’t know if that would even cover the cost of my stash..... so no😂

Take the money, resupply the stock, pay off the house, donate money, and start my foundation. 🙂

I would take the money, then go buy all new!!

Take money and always buy more, newer and upgrade machines!!!

A take the money and buy all new

a ..and start over

Take it, buy new!

Take the money and have fun starting all over again!!

a. and then start all over again...😃

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What would it take if you had to move your stash? ... See MoreSee Less

What would it take if you had to move your stash?

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It took the first three rows of the 26 ft truck. Boxes and tubs, floor to ceiling .

We will be downsizing from a four bedroom home to a two bedroom apartment. Da hubs keeps saying I am going to have a hard time downsizing my craft suppies - so I keep going shopping for more fabric and more yarn..... I've got news for him, I want the 2nd bedroom for my craft supplies, not for visitors!

I'm packing to move....its true!!

A semi, because I have a 40 foot cargo container. It does have canning supplies in it also.

Yup, all you quilting addicts are the same.

That's me.

That will be me next week

Or and her Sew She Shed 😂😂😂

Oh yeah

Jim Fisher

MaryAnn Chick Whiteside.....does that fit your move?

Cheryl Webb

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4 weeks ago

Ohio Row by Row Experience


Find more tips here: www.allpeoplequilt.com/tips
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4 weeks ago

Ohio Row by Row Experience

Who taught you to sew? ... See MoreSee Less

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My grandma sewing button on a scrap of fabric. But Mrs. Turner in home ec

Girl Scouts to get to the sewing badge. Always watched my grandmother's (L: darning socks & C: sewing patchwork) Mom sewing our clothes on and old featherweight. She bought me my own at 18. I just bought one for our granddaughter who is 6.

My mom!

Mom and Grandma age 4

Elementary school, maybe 3rd grade. I started sewing 4-zH projects. My mom was an excellent seamstress.

I was 7. My brothers kept taking the clothes off my barbie dolls. I started sewing them on the dolls. 😍they were always dressed. I have never stopped. Mom could only sew a seam closed. I learned by reading books.

My mother. She sewed as far back as I can remember and I don’t remember when or how she started me. Nearly all of my clothes, through high school, were made at home. I couldn’t buy clothes that fit until they came out with petite sizes.

My Mother and Grandmothers. Age 10 using the sewing machine. By hand before that.

Home Eck all through Jr high, and High school. Now I'm a self taught quilter.

Mom and both grandmas always sewed. I made some of my own clothes and my boys clothes including matching suit jackets for Easter.

My grandmother did. When I was 4 she would give me little pieces of fabric, a needle, thread and a roll of cotton (didn’t have cotton balls back then). I would make pillows and little blankets for my barbies. Then my mom signed me up for sewing classes when I was like 9 or 10 to learn how to make my own clothes.

I taught myself how to sew but was inspired by my GGma who made quilts for all of us when I was a baby

My mom

My mother💖

Gramma (sitting in her knee) and later Mom.

My grandmother...on a treadle machine. She always warned me to be very careful so I wouldn’t break the needle because it was the only one she had. When I inherited that machine, there were several in the drawer! ❤️

My mom


OMG. My mother has a picture just like this, it could be me or my twin.

Grandmother at about 3 yrs.

Myself at age 48.

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