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It's about that time of year.... ... See MoreSee Less

Its about that time of year....

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Love it showed this to my daughter and she said it should have been more! 😂

Here in ice and took an OXY. Definitely the worst continual pain I’ve ever experienced.

What is something you have in your sewing room that you think no one else will have in theirs? ... See MoreSee Less

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My bed! I call the room my “sewing room where I also sleep”.

My yummy lemon candies from Sorrento Italy. I win.

A kid proof needle cover for little fingers. It really hurts when you run over your fingers

Twenty plastic storage containers, each holding 20 videotapes from movies we recorded in the 80s-90s. This was way before the days of streaming. Help me, Marie Kondo!

SHoe rack for keeping supplies on table close at hand.

Step back cupboard made by my great grandfather!

The dryer rack from my tiny teardrop RV; perfect for holding fabric!

my grandkids. i have a tub of scrap fabric the kids play with. they know not to touch mine. i have 3 granddaughters who love to quilt with me. my daughter grew up playing under the quilting frame. she is also a quilter.

A power converter, since I live in Japan and need it for my sewing machine.

41 vintage apple crates stacked 3 and 4 high (used as shelves) full of quilting books and cook books♡

I can’t really say but I can bet you a dollar to a donut I’m the only female who has one! #mysecret

My 10 gallon aquarium with my guppies.

my Crowns ( real) 30th birthday 40th birthday 50th birthday

A metal trunk that belonged to my great grandfather around 1865. It’s full of fabric.

Built in desk and drawers, as well as a large mirror. The room in the old building used to be a bedroom. Also a red hat painted by my former daughter in law.

My washer and dryer and the cat litter box.

Kaffe Fausset's signature on a KF fat quarter!!

An old oak tool chest made many years ago by my husband’s grandfather. We inherited it and I took possession by converting it to a sewing chest for notions and thread. Very unique locking system on it—good place for my ginger scissors!

My toy chest filled with my toys from when I was young.

4 extra large Ikea closets. The ones with pull out glass front drawers and shelves

6 cats to ensure my sewing machine is working properly.

My year round Christmas tree

You Ohio Rowers might think what’s the big deal about that, well I live in central Pennsylvania. 😂

Tried to upload a photo of an antique kitchen hutch with no luck. So that is my answer.

A photo mat signed by my coworkers for being MVP at work.

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How true!

Loving this one haha

I have a feeling that we'll never experience this is; not in this lifetime anyways!



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I love this.

Yes! Love this!



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I love this!

Heather Hensel Wesch

Heather Hensel Wesch

Love that one more! 😂

Alexey Makeev

iPhone, iPad, iRon


Oooh. I’m in love

There you go!! Man power!

Autry A. George what cha think 🤔

I haven't gotten around to naming mine....have you? ... See MoreSee Less

I havent gotten around to naming mine....have you?

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My Crescendo is The Machine. The others don't have names. I can't remember the names of my kids sometimes.

I am sure all 100 of my wife Cindy Oderkirk Butler have names

Odelia, after my great, great grandmother who was a dressmaker in the old country.

I have Elna, Baby, Singer and Janine. Lol

Magic! Because she always make magic happen

Her name is Dee. She’s a Crescendo.

I have around 30 machines, too many to remember their names!

I have Nina Bernina.

My favorite is simply Bernie. Not very original since it is a Bernina but I can blame it for any problems I have with it because it's a male. LOL

Sometimes bad ones. Lol

I can’t even remember my kids names at times. Naming my several sewing machines would only add to the confusion. I refer to the sewing machines by their manufacturer or in case of more than one, example, Kenmore, by their function.

No but they are all definitely my FRIENDS

Yes they do

My featherweight is Jeanie Bell after a Great Aunt

Juanita. Named after my grandma. She made quilts.

Betty after my mom and MIL

My new to me longarm is Freda but my multiple domestic machines really need names... it's tough to tell them apart when we talk about them.

Yes. Jan O'me. Can you guess her maker?? Lol!

Oh, yeah! My small embroidery machine is Audrey (from little shop of horrors...”feed me, Seymour”). My larger emb machine is Cosmo, and my regular sewing machine (a Q9960) is Q-bert.

My serger is Evelyn, my Pfaff is Francine, my vintage White is Hot Betty (because that bulb burns me every time)!

All of them do!!!!!

Liz, Maggie and AntSal.

Millie is my new 1948 Featherweight, named for the previous owner. 😁

My family calls mine, “Reetie’s Bernini”.😀

My little Dragonfly, Judy and Fiona. Then my newest machine hasn’t been named. Just can’t decide

2 months ago

Ohio Row by Row Experience

Just a caution about your sewing machine needles⚠️. We are seeing quite a few machines coming in with problems caused by a budget brand of needles being sold at some department stores. These needles are made so poorly that they will actually cause your machine to not sew properly.

To demonstrate - the needle on the left is a Schmetz brand needle size 80 and on the right is the department store needle size 70. This size needle should be finer than the Schmetz, and as you can see, not only is it thicker, but it’s also longer😱! Other needles in the same department-store-pack are made backwards or are bent. Consumers are purchasing these needles in good faith, and then spending hours trying to find the cause of their sewing machine problem, all the while certain that it can’t be their machine needle because it’s a brand-new pack😤. And the worst part about this is that newbies to sewing, who are keen to get involved in this hobby that we all love so much, think that the problems that they are experiencing are caused by them doing something wrong, and with a hit to their confidence, they just give up🙄.

No matter if you have an enormous machine that you use every day, or a small one, that you get out every now and then, we recommend using brand-quality needles like Schmetz, that you can purchase from all good sewing stores. Share this post with your sewing friends
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Thank you for the information.

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Thank you!! I was thinking of you today and wishing you were coming to visit with Chris


Happy Valentine!

Here is a cool video on how fabric is digitally printed.

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