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Candee McMahon Miller


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Still working on my Thanksgiving placemats.

OMG .. probably have to find it under stuff ... been awhile since I have worked on anything ..

Under my needle right now. This is my Amish RxR (2015-18). All from Ohio.


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That sounds exactly like me!! And every quilter and seamstress I know!!

Marybeth Hood Drope hahahaha

Nice try

I absolutely Lv your craft room I’m soo jealous

So true!

So well

It’s scary when someone knows you do well, Ashley.

Jacque Leibfried so glad we are using so much of our stash on the mystery quilts, LOL

This is me with books!!!

I’m trying sooo hard to do that ! Then I just laugh and laugh the next time a see a cute pattern.

Made it for 9 months.

Sara LeBlanc this is for you, except for the the last line that is!

I have a stash of fabric but the yarn is taking over here! Maybe this year I'll be in a mood to use both😂😂😂🤞

I'm have an addition to fabric and I won't go into rehab for it!!


😂😂😂 Yes, for all four of us in our little business. Totally accurate♥️

Oh so true.

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Are you working on any holiday project with your
Row by Row patterns?
Please share pictures!!
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It’s not Christmas but I used a row by row I had picked up in Tennessee to make a sign to welcome home my husband from his Honor Flight to Washington DC. I just taped it on the cardboard temporarily. It shows a soldier coming home.



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Good one

I think we have the disease

I have all the symptoms

I have it for sure.

I love it

I don't see it as a serious condition. Definitely not fatal.

oh no - it has made its way into Canada

I hope to be infected .. Haven't sewn for a while

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1 month ago

Ohio Row by Row Experience

Just in case you haven't heard the 2019 RxR theme!!!

Row by Row Studio
Here it is! The 2019 Row by Row Experience theme is announced! Watch the video and click here to read the story: https://rowbyrowexperience.com/2018/10/19/2019-row-by-row-experience-theme/
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Love it

The perfect Jack-o’-lantern!

Now that’s a pumpkin. !!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

I Jackie Garrett Mann

1 month ago

Ohio Row by Row Experience

2018 Karen Bicker Jeromesville, Ohio, brought in this winning quilt to Country Fabrics !! ... See MoreSee Less

2018 Karen Bicker Jeromesville, Ohio, brought in this winning quilt to Country Fabrics !!


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Congratulations. Love your quilt.

Congratulations beautiful quilt

Only one day left to turn in a winning quilt !! ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago

Ohio Row by Row Experience

Wonder how fabric is printed???

Printing multiple colors on fabric
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Be cool to see this up front and personal.

Very interesting.

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