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6 days ago

If you want a good laugh- watch this to the end!This is just too funny!!
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7 days ago

this is a fun use of fabric platesA Fabric Plate Journey
We are always excited when customers share with us the unique way they use the R x R Fabric Plates. Ruth from California decorated her sewing room with a banner like curtain she designed, showcasing the fabric plates she collected on her road trip across the United States. What a fun way to decorate and journal her travels. Thank you Ruth for sharing your creativity with us.
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this is a fun use of fabric plates


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She sure has gathered a lot of them !

2 weeks ago

My favorite is #3 which is yours?

Bright Side
8 sewing hacks that everyone should know. 📌✂ bit.ly/2pX7WFp
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They are all great. I especially like no. 4 - so much easier than using sticky tape!





Sally Welch Delores Cook Pam Soward

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2 weeks ago

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I have to take excepting to this comment. I just got home from our quilting group, and we are a very supportive, sociablegroup

i can relate! funny - SEWciopath - hahaha

That’s right!

Rae Ann Brann Bird!!!!!


Sandy Earl Strickler

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3 weeks ago

So excited to share the news about the Row by Row website. It's beautiful! rowbyrowexperience.com/2018/04/03/new-row-by-row-website/ ... See MoreSee Less


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Miki Henry Landis

3 weeks ago

Happy Monday!

#mememonday #quilting #housework
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Amen.... rather quilt any time, than clean!!!

Sewing projects like quilts last a lot longer than a clean house!

My sentiments exactly! Lol

Erin Newman

4 weeks ago

Are the rows posted somewhere? ... See MoreSee Less

4 weeks ago

Cancel the gym membership.Love this!!! ... See MoreSee Less

Cancel the gym membership.


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Canceling the gym membership would provide a lot of extra money for fabric. Works for me!!


1 month ago

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1 month ago

Love this.. ... See MoreSee Less

Love this..


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Me too

I wonder what happened to that sign in my kitchen " every time I get the urge to clean my house I lay down until it passes " :/ sewing is just as good as laying down 🙂

Sounds like a constructive plan to me!

LOL... or work i the yard on a sunny day..

Sounds good to me!

Sounds like a plan! 😉

Sounds like a plan to me.

I like that attitude!!

Yes, me too.

Love it!


Works for me!!!!!!!!!!!

Great plan!

Sharon McConnell Worster!!!

Jan Dannenmann

Erin Newman😊

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1 month ago

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Yes they all do. Just not names that I would say out in public.

No, never thought about that. But I do name my cars!

POS (piece of sh_t)

I have 7 and they are Elvis, Pricilla, Leonidas, Talulah, Lucy , Ethel and Bitty.

Princess because I know I am a Princess, My Father is the King of Kings ~ I have a sticker on the machine that says this so it must be true :/

Sophie, Lola, Eleanor, PFritz, Vicktor, Ellie, Edna, Scarlett. They are all Antiques. 5 handcranks, 1 treadle, 2 electric and a Mueller toy machine that doesn’t have a name.

Yes. My Pfaff is "Pfilomena" and my Featherweight is "Mrs. Johnson" named for the lady whose estate I bought it from.

Sweet Caroline- good times never seemed sew good lol

Dusty ~ 😕

Bertha is the big, heavy, sews anything Bernina 830 Record, and I don't have a name yet for my Featherweight.


She is called “The Mother Ship” she is a Bernina 750Q

Bernina prime, and her pal is called Bernie backup

YES!! My longarm is named Matilda. I purchased her used. She came with the name and it fits her well.

I just call them by tier names:. 5000,. Rose, etc

Yes! Mistress White. She is white brand.

The Babylok is Bette, the White Treadle is Wilma.

Mostly Sweetpea, but sometimes Idiot! LOL.......


Which one? I've got about 15 of them now.

Ellie .. Nono .. Lizzy.. Fancy


Mabel, Miyoko & Bernie


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