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It's about that time.... ... See MoreSee Less

Its about that time....

What is something you have in your sewing room that you think no one else will have in theirs? ... See MoreSee Less

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1950’s Light green metal kitchen cabinets.

Longarm, vinyl press, 12 needle embroidery, 2 large sewing/embroidery, 1 serger, etc. Thread, ironing chair, ironsss.

Whatever my husband can’t find a home for or doesn’t want to put away ...

What is a sewing room?

Exercise bike and mini trampoline. My framing supplies, scrapbook supplies, kids toys, and ham radio station.

4 kindergarten plaster handprints: mine, daughter, son, grandson

A strand of ivy coming in from the foundation. It's a little pale but alive in the basement!

I used to have a lawn mower in mine.

my dads little screwdrivers. rightsize for chancing feet

Drawings from my kids when they where little and from my grandkids now

A little sq pin Cushion that my daughter made for me when she was little out of scrap fabrics 😍

My mother's Pfaff sewing machine from the late 1950's.

Fishing rods and hunting stuff. Not mine, and I don’t know why hubby can’t find a better place for all of it!

3 dead stink bugs from last Fall! They don’t stink anymore, lol.🤪

I have cat hair on all my fabric

The print Where Love Resides by John Simpkins inspired by the movue How to Make An American Quilt. Signed by artist and each of the actresses starring in the movie on the blocks their character made.

Enough fabric to sew a king size quilt a day till I’m 231.

Special star measurement tool that shows 7/8, 1-3/8, 5/8, 3/8 etc.

Crochet hook right beside me in living room. Finishing a project & then make 2 blankets.

A jackalope we named Carl.

My Mama's tomato pincushion with a pull out cloth measuring tape inside.

One million unfinished projects and plastic boxes.

A wine fridge! 🍷

A collection of life size baby dolls! 😂🤣😉

Too much of everything🙄

What's your birthstone? ... See MoreSee Less

Whats your birthstone?

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Bobbie Andrews Jane Marzewski Dorthy Privett

Becky McNeely

Mary Perkerewicz Jorgenson you! 😄❤️

When my kids were little, I think my house looked like this.... ... See MoreSee Less

When my kids were little, I think my house looked like this....

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I'm gonna need a bigger house soon!

I make myself fold laundry and put it away. That isn't my housekeeping problem. Not dusting is my curse. By the time washing, vacuuming, etc is done, my energy is all used up or its time to start over on other chores.

Andrea Marie Elliott

The struggle is real!

Sarah Kenyon!

Jennifer Rahman


Steph me

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Been there.

See cute

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Judith Alster Vacey

Love it!!

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I want a fabric tree!

Yes! Kinda like collecting fine wine!

Shelves for fabric

Linda Wieck..lol

I think I already have those things especially fabric.

I think I've done this before...... ... See MoreSee Less

I think Ive done this before......

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Just did that the other day. And then when I put the block together it was all wrong. Jack to the rescue!!

True, true, so true. Or you sew it back the same way and it was wrong in the first place.

I've done both.

Been there, done that....just last week, in fact.

Been there and done that

Oh yes......that’s when we bang our heads on the table.....

That's why I don't sew!🙄

Or .. ripping it out and doing it wrong AGAIN!!!

I've done that!

Done that!

So true!

Oh no!!!

2 months ago

Wisconsin Row by Row Experience

Just a caution about your sewing machine needles⚠️. We are seeing quite a few machines coming in with problems caused by a budget brand of needles being sold at some department stores. These needles are made so poorly that they will actually cause your machine to not sew properly.

To demonstrate - the needle on the left is a Schmetz brand needle size 80 and on the right is the department store needle size 70. This size needle should be finer than the Schmetz, and as you can see, not only is it thicker, but it’s also longer😱! Other needles in the same department-store-pack are made backwards or are bent. Consumers are purchasing these needles in good faith, and then spending hours trying to find the cause of their sewing machine problem, all the while certain that it can’t be their machine needle because it’s a brand-new pack😤. And the worst part about this is that newbies to sewing, who are keen to get involved in this hobby that we all love so much, think that the problems that they are experiencing are caused by them doing something wrong, and with a hit to their confidence, they just give up🙄.

No matter if you have an enormous machine that you use every day, or a small one, that you get out every now and then, we recommend using brand-quality needles like Schmetz, that you can purchase from all good sewing stores. Share this post with your sewing friends
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Excellent advice

I have found this to be true of the Universal needles. Too long .

I have used Schmitz needles for 49 years and would never trust anyone other brand

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