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Just something to laugh at. This Grandma has lots in common with me....
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Laughed so hard I was crying.🤣

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Thought of you right away Jackie vanliew you have yourself a great week

salesperson; What are you going to do with this? Me: I will figure it out later

Chuckled when I read this. Hubby asked what was funny. Read it to him. He said, Yea I’ve been there Many times. Lol

At least 5 especially if you are far away from home!!!!! Lol

Mindy Williams is this you some days. Lol. Love the designs you do. The camp fire was genius

Gary Louise look familiar lol

When I do that my friends call me an askhole. Someone who asks a bunch of people for advice but doesn't take it and does their own thing instead. Lol

Heaven help me after season bowling winnings!

So funny. Common sense goes out the window.

I shared this with my nieces who are quilters😊

Patricia J Wardd


Oh yeah!

Tetra Hedric 🤣😂

Lindsay Bloom this is you.

Lisa Lockyear Euler Karen Slingsby Lockyear

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Boy, is this me!!!

Only 5?!

Gwendolyn Pearson

2 weeks ago

Wisconsin Row by Row Experience

Here is a fabulous row that you will find at a shop in South Dakota !!Sew Musical! ... See MoreSee Less

Here is a fabulous row that you will find at a shop in South Dakota !!


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Happy Easter!! ... See MoreSee Less

Happy Easter!!


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Sharing.... to cute no to...

Shelly Conner..lol

Hahaha! Katrina King

The following stores will be participating in the 2018 Sew Musical Row by Row in Wisconsin. All the fun will start on June 21st !!! If your favorite store is not on it, let them know they still have another month to sign up!!
At the Heart of Quilting Beloit
Attic Quilts Beloit
Barn Door Quilt Shop, LLC Sturgeon Bay
Blue Bar Quilts, Inc. Middleton
Buttons and Bolts Fabric & Quilting Supply Salem
Electric Needle Madison
Grant's March Quilting Mercantile Wausau
Hidden Quilts, LLC Platteville
Kari's Sew Unique Whitewater
Mill House Quilts Waunakee
My Favorite Quilt Shop Green Bay
Nancy's Notions Retail Store Beaver Dam
Olive Juice Quilts Onalaska
Pinery Patches Tigerton
Pins and Pieces Quilt Shop Darlington
Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop Menasha
Quilt Corner Sparta
Quilt Elements Ashland
Quilt Peddler Fennimore
QuiltEssentials Oshkosh
Quilting DivasSewing Boutique Coreen Bay
Quintessential Quilts Madison
Quintessential Quilts Reedsburg
RagSpun Studio, LLC Brandon
Royce Quilting West Bend
Sew Much More Waukesha
Sew n Sew Appleton
Sew Smart Wausau
Sew Smart Rhinelander
The Burlington Hotel Quilt Shop Alma
the Quilt Shop of Two Rivers Two Rivers
The Sewing Basket Plymouth
The Stitchery Delavan
The Welcome Home Sewing Shop Portage
Twin Turtle Quilts Clinton
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I am so excited to see the creativity from this one and your state truly does the best job on face book of all the others put together. You post your rows and really keep the excitement going only sorry I don’t live closer so I can visit at least some of the shops only wish we were allowed to order

As I suspected, many past participants have decided not to return this year.

Quilting Divas sewing Boutique space should say Green Bay not Coreen Bay

Musical.... that is so exciting g. Can’t wait to get it.

So excited for this year's theme!

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You can google the words - and retailers will come up.

Want this...no....definitely need this!😀

Tracey Echler this sounds like us!

I would like 1 without the hoodie.

That is me!!! LOL

Yup! In my happy sewing days!

Shirley Burr Cummings..lol

Lee Weers

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Who is your TRUE friend? ... See MoreSee Less

Who is your TRUE friend?


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Msshebe miss you!

Luckily I have never had to hide it when I got home.

Rhonda Loveless Mesnard, i miss us.

I go right into the house from the garage. Right down the stairs to the basement. Lol

Amen. Isn’t it fun.

I am lucky I don’t have to hide

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10 very large rubbermaids and counting

No problem. I have it beat

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